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Hechler Hardware Testimonials

It was like a step back in time with original wood floors and many of the old fixtures. I needed a stove pipe specially-made; had it done within minutes and at a very reasonable cost. Highly recommend this place for nice fine gifts, also.
Carol Lancaster
I love this little store. While providing a good selection of actual hardware, there's a lot of nostalgia and lots of non-hardware items for taking a long look at.
Brian Turner
Great place. Had everything we needed and peanut brittle too.
Cory Moore
Absolutely love this unique store! Living history! Great service.
Jill King
Just amazing home town people!! I was running gas line and they were so helpful in getting me the proper fittings and all the supplies I needed to complete my task!!!

They were always willing to take time to explain and assist any way needed!!!
Dusty Brooks
Very helpful. Its nice to have someone who knows how to fix something for a change, unlike those big box monster stores. The building is a blast from the past and worth a visit by itself. Very interesting place. They really have most everything.
Perry Locke
Awesome old town hardware store! They have everything you think they don't. No need to drive to the big box stores, I love the small town personal assistance I get when I walk in the door.
Greg Bruckerhoff
Can't believe how much stuff they fit in this little store. Customer service is great. My go-to destination during a house remodel project.
Kohl Cavanah
Shopped there many times. People always friendly, the service is always top notch.
Kerry Croney
If you can't find it at Hechler Hardware, you probably don't need it.
Buster Mcdaniel
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